Sermons from January 2012

The King of Glory

Psalm 24:1-10 In this glorious psalm, we consider the qualifications for those who would enter into the presence of God, and then see that Christ has fully met them on behalf of His people.

The Blood of the Lamb

Exodus 12:13 We meditate on the shed blood of Jesus, and see that it alone can preserve us from God’s judgment.

The Biblical Man and Woman, Part 4

We continue to study an overview of what we should be like if we are to be biblical men and women, focusing on God’s Word and the faith therein that both genders require to lead biblical lives.

Freedom from Sin

Romans 6:1-7 In this message, we examine another promised blessing of God to His children. If you are walking with the Lord in holiness, from the heart, He has not only freed you from the guilt of sin but has also freed you from its power.

The Progress of God’s Kingdom

Mark 4:26-29 Through the parable of the farmer, Jesus shows us how the Gospel progresses in the lives of individuals and also in the world as a whole. As the seed of the Gospel is sown in the world and hearts are changed, so is the world.

Can You Come to God in Your Own Way?

John 14:6 Does it really matter which way we take to get to heaven? Isn’t any way good enough? We look at what God says in His Word. Contrary to modern thinking, we find that He has only provided one way to be saved.

Give, and You Will Receive

Mark 4:24-25 Jesus continues to teach us what we must do to be faithful with the blessings that He gives. Last time we saw we must not hide our light under a basket.

Justified by Faith

Romans 4:1-8 God promises the spiritual blessing of justification to all His children. To understand this more fully, we consider three points: *First, what this justification is. *Second, the blessings justification brings, and *Third, how one is justified.

Are You Shining His Light?

Mark 4:21-23 Jesus came into the world as a light in a dark place, and in the Great Commission He has commanded us to follow His example in our own lives. In this message, we are challenged to shine the light of His word into the world and not hide it under a basket.