Sermons from April 2012

Fruitfulness in Old Age

Psalm 92:12-15 We consider that if we will walk with the Lord, He will make us fruitful throughout our lives, even to old age.

They Brought Them to Jesus

Mark 6:53-56 Knowing what Jesus was able to do, the people of Gennesaret began to scour the land looking for those who needed healing and they brought them to Jesus.

Guard Against a Hard Heart

Mark 6:45-52 After feeding the 5000, Jesus sent his disciples across the sea to Bethsaida. After sending the crowd away, Jesus spent several hours in prayer before walking out on the water to reach his disciples. They were scared and surprised to see Him do this.

Your Good Shepherd

Mark 6:30-44 As the Good Shepherd of His people, we see Jesus concerned to provide for the material as well as the spiritual needs of His sheep. He performs a miracle that shows He is God and underlines the teaching He has given as the Word of God, but it also provide

He Intercedes for You

Romans 8:33-34 We consider the intercession of Jesus Christ. We’re not perfect – we need His righteousness to cover your imperfection, we need His death to pay for your sins, and we need His continuing ministry.

He Has Risen!

Matthew 28:6 After His crucifixion, Jesus rose from the dead on the third day. What should the resurrection mean to you? If you’re a believer, you should be happy. The One you love is alive!