Sermons from July 2012

Who Do You Say He Is?

Mark 8:27-30 In our day, as at the time of Christ, there are many opinions about who Jesus is. However, it really doesn’t matter what others think. The critical thing for each of us is who we believe Jesus is.

God Is Patient

Exodus 34:6-7 We reflect on the fact that one of the qualities by which God declared His character to Moses was His patience – He is slow to anger.

His Mercies Never Fail

Lamentations 3:22-23 Grace is when God gives you something good you don’t deserve – when you really deserve the opposite. Mercy is when He doesn’t give you something bad you do deserve.

The Rock Higher Than I

Psalm 61:1-2 Where can we look in our troubles? Should we look inside? Or should we look to someone who is far greater and more powerful than we are?

Crippled by the World?

1 Kings 18:21 The world will cripple us spiritually if we are not careful. Are you trying to be a servant of two masters or are you following in Jesus’ footsteps, testifying with your life that He is God?

Set Free

Acts 16:30-31 Jesus alone can free us from bondage to sin and to Satan.

What Do You See?

Mark 8:22-26 When the Lord first brings us to faith, He opens the blind eyes of our souls. We can now see – not everything, and not always clearly. However, as we grow in the faith, our spiritual eyesight improves – we begin to see His truth more clearly and we grow