Sermons from August 2012

I Don’t Respect the Messenger

Matthew 13:54-58 Do you have a hard time receiving the Gospel because you know the people trying to bring it to you too well? You know they’re not perfect.

Listen to Him

Mark 9:2-8 Peter had just confessed that Christ was the Son of the Living God, but it is not clear he really knew what that meant. Now Jesus takes Peter, James and John up on a mountainside. His glory is revealed, Moses and Elijah appear in glory with Him and God

God Is Truth

Psalm 86:15 God is abundant in truth and faithfulness – there is no lie in Him, no deception. He always speaks the truth, and He will always do what He says. For this reason, our hearts should be drawn out in love to Him.

The Kingdom Has Come with Power

Mark 9:1 Jesus gives us another reason to lay down our lives for Him and set our minds on His interests: because His kingdom has come, and will come with yet more power.

He Is a Righteous and Just God

Psalm 89:14 We don’t usually think of God’s righteousness and justice as reasons to love Him, but we see in this message that they are just as valid reasons as those we’ve seen previously in this series.

Set Your Mind on God’s Interests

Mark 8:31-38 As the Christ, Jesus had to lay down His life; He had to sacrifice Himself so that all who trust in Him will live. This is not the thinking and the action of the world, nor of the god of this world.