Sermons from September 2012

He Will See His Offspring

Isaiah 53:10 Revivals are a means of bringing in more of Christ’s sheep. Our passage reminds us that Jesus had a work to do when He came into the world; He was sent specifically to give Himself as a guilt offering for the sins of His people.

When Will the World End?

Is the end near? What about the Mayan calendar? We begin a short series exploring what the Bible has to say about the end of world.

That’s Your Interpretation

2 Peter 3:14-18 Do you ignore the teaching of the Bible because you think there are many different interpretations of it? This excuse has been around as long as the Bible has.

Learn from Him

Mark 9:30-32 Jesus takes His disciples away to instruct them – in particular about His coming death and resurrection. They do not understand, and are afraid to ask Him.

All Things Are Possible with God

Matthew 19:26 We are seeing how the attributes of our wonderful God should draw out our hearts in love for Him. This week, our focus is on His infinite power, or omnipotence.

Are You Willing to Pay the Price?

Mark 9:9-13 Do you say you believe and trust Jesus? Do you say that you have given your life to Him? Then are you are willing to die for Him? We see from the examples of John the Baptist and Jesus Himself that there is a cost to following the Lord: your life.

You Are There

Psalm 139:7-10 God is omnipresent (He is present everywhere). After reviewing this aspect of His character and seeking to understand what it means and what it does not mean, we then spend some time reflecting on the practical significance of this truth.