Sermons from March 2013

Baptized into Christ

1 Corinthians 12:13 If you are to overcome your sins and put on Jesus Christ, you need to reflect on the meaning of your baptism and do what it calls you to do.

Stewards of the Lord’s Vineyard

Mark 12:1-12 Jesus tells the scribes and elders a parable in which He forewarns judgment against them. What did He say to them, and what is He saying to us through it?

Sharers in His Body and Blood

1 Corinthians 10:16 Paul warns us to be careful what we become sharers in. The good news is, if we are believers, we have an altar to share in which brings eternal life: the Lord’s Supper. We consider what it is we share in at the Lord’s Supper and how we are to share in the

When to Withhold the Truth

Mark 11:27-33 Jesus warned His disciples about casting pearls before swine; if our audience is insincere and looking for reasons to reject or discredit the message, it may take truth we give, turn and attack us. This is what the scribes and elders in the temple tried

Devote Yourself to Fellowship

Acts 2:42 We consider another means by which we can die to ourselves and live to Christ: fellowship. We consider what fellowship is and how we are to do it.

Zealous for God’s Glory

Mark 11:15-19 After entering the temple and seeing people dishonoring God by making it a trade of worldly profit as opposed to a place of prayer and worship, Jesus became offended. From His example, we are challenged to seek for a zeal that is strong enough to make us

A Life of Worship

Romans 12:1-2 We cannot just worship God for one hour on a Sunday or for one day week. Instead, if we are the gain the strength we need to put off our sins and to put on Christ, we must be willing to worship Him with our whole life.

Faith: the Key to Answered Prayer

Mark 11:12-14, 20-26 In our passage, Jesus uses a fruitless fig tree as a lesson on prayer. We consider: *A reminder that as a believer, you will bear fruit. *A promise that if you ask anything in faith, He will give it to you, and