Sermons from July 2013

Why We Believe There Is No Hope Apart from the Gospel

Acts 4:12 One of the most difficult things Jesus calls us to do as Christians is evangelism. In our passage, however, we see the disciples evangelizing the Jewish leaders after they were arrested even though it certainly meant further conflict and persecution. The

Why We Believe Truth Is Important

2 Peter 3:14-18 For the greatest possible blessing from God, we should do our very best to believe and live according to His truth. It is especially important that we believe the true Gospel, or we will not be saved. However, it is also very important that we believe t

Don’t Be Surprised if the World Hates You

Mark 14:1-2 The leaders of the Jewish church, who claimed to be closest to God, hated God’s Son and wanted to kill Him. If we are believers, being made like Him in this world, the world will hate us too.

Why We Believe in the Second Coming

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 To help us distinguish between Scriptures that deal with the judgment of God on Israel in 70 AD and those that have to do with the Second Coming of Christ and the ushering in of the eternal state, we consider these four questions:

Judgment on Israel, Part 5

Mark 13:28-37 Because the things Jesus spoke of in the Olivet Discourse would come on the generation then living, and because they would not know the exact day or hour of His judgment, they had to be ready at all times. We see that the warning to be ready at all time

Judgment on Israel, Part 4

Mark 13:24-27 Many churches are confident that these verses deal with things that remain in the future for us. Howver, by reviewing the use of language in the Old Testament Scriptures and other events that happened historically, we see that this is not necessarily th

Why We Believe in an Optimistic Future, Part 5

Matthew 25:1-13 The imminent return of Jesus Christ, widely believed in the church, may seem to present difficulties for the view that there is an optimistic future for the kingdom of God here on earth. Accordingly, we consider two things in this message: * Why some be