Sermons from August 2013

Better Never to Have Been Born

Mark 14:17-21 It would be better never to have been born than to have to endure an eternity of suffering. We see: *That hell is real; *That hell is a place of torment and suffering; *That the suffering and torment of hell go on forever; *Who will go there,

Why We Believe We Should Worship God Alone

Exodus 20:3 The first commandment, „You shall have no other gods before Me„ (Ex. 20:3), or, which is the same thing, „You shall worship the Lord your God and serve Him only„ (Matt. 4:10) is the foundation of all those that follow. If we don’t want to keep this one, w

The Lord of History

Mark 14:12-16 Seeing Jesus tell his disciples who would provide them a room in which to observe passover, we consider *That Jesus is the lord of history, in sovereign control of everything that has taken and will take place, and *How believers should respond to this

Why We Believe the Ten Commandments Continue

Matthew 5:17-20 Many churches today do not believe that the Ten Commandments provide a standard that believers need to keep. We examine: *First, the arguments they often use to come to this conclusion, *Second, why, in contrast, we believe the Bible teaches they still

Hearts of Darkness

Mark 14:10-11 Both Judas and the chief priests were willing to betray Jesus so that they might gain something they wanted, which in essence was their own pleasure. This is the very nature of sin – it turns away from God and His will so that we can pursue the things w

Why We Believe in Total Consecration

1 Corinthians 10:31 We are challenged to consecrate our lives entirely to God; doing everything out of love for the Lord and for our brothers and sisters. This is the definition of a life totally consecrated to God, this is how He calls us all to live.

Your Sacrifices for Him Will Not Be Wasted

Mark 14:3-9 A woman breaks a costly vial of perfume and anoints Jesus with it. The disciples reproach her but Jesus strongly defends her. From this account, we see: * We can still minister to Jesus today. * Our ministry to Him within the Body of Christ is more im

Why We Believe Love Is Important

1 Corinthians 13:1-3 We consider three things as we reflect on the importance of love in the body of Christ and in the believer. Love is important because: *We can’t be saved without it. *Without it nothing we do will be acceptable to God.