Sermons from October 2013

Salvation Must Be by Grace through Faith Alone

Romans 1:17 This morning, we revisit the Gospel so we can make sure we understand it. The result should be that those who know the Lord will rejoice again in His free grace, and those who don’t know this grace may find it in Jesus Christ.

Martin Luther: His Life and Example

On October 31st, 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses to the door of the church in Wittenberg. This marked the beginning of the Reformation. We learn more about who Martin Luther was, and the example he sets for us to follow.

He Protects His Own

Mark 14:43-52 In this message, we begin to approach one of the most important parts of the work of salvation – Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, the payment He made for our sins that forever frees us from God’s wrath.

He Put a New Song in My Mouth

1 Samuel 7:12 We continue to meditate on the words of some of the great hymns of the faith (Here is Love, Vast as the Ocean; O What Matchless Condescension; Begone Unbelief) as we learn to sing them congregationally.

To Boldly Go Where No One Has Been Before

Romans 15:14-33 We watch a message preached by David Norman Jones at the Evangelical Movement of Wales conference in 2011 on the subject „To Boldly Go Where No-one Has Been Before„. This message has a strong missionary emphasis and challenge.

The Spirit Is Willing, the Flesh Weak

Mark 14:32-42 Having looked at this account from the perspective of the Lord Jesus Christ, we revisit it to consider it from the disciples’ point of view. We focus particularly on Jesus’ diagnosis of their condition – their spirit was willing but their flesh was weak

Friend of Sinners

Matthew 11:19 Jesus was derided for being the „Friend of Sinners„, yet for His people, it is one of His most illustrious names. We see exactly what it means that Jesus is the Friend of Sinners, to whom He offers His friendship, and what it is like to have Jesus as our