Sermons from December 2013


Matthew 1:18-25 We see how Jesus fully lives up to the name Emmanuel, God with us. We consider Emmanuel as a name of: *Commitment *Condescension *Comfort *Confidence and Challenge *Conversion and Condemnation

The Servant of All, Part 2

Philippians 2:1-5 The Lord, who humbled Himself to become a servant to you, calls you to follow His example of humility and servanthood.

What Matters Most: Truth and Love

2 John 1:1-13 The two things that matter most in the Christian life are that you believe the truth and that you walk in love. We look at the emphasis John places on these in this passage, and see that they are essential in evangelism as well as Christian living.

Preach the Gospel to All Creation

Mark 16:15-20 This message closes our series in the Gospel of Mark. In it, we see the mission that Jesus gave to His disciples and through them, to us. We also take a look at what Jesus meant concerning the signs that would attend those who would believe in the Gosp

Because He Lives, You Will Live!

Mark 16:1-14 We reflect on the resurrection and see how important it is as an event in history – why there could be no salvation without it. We review why it was important for the Lord Jesus Christ and for every true believer. Finally, we consider how important it