Sermons from March 1998

The Rich Man and Lazarus

Luke 16:19-31 Heaven and hell are real places, and everyone is on their way to one of the other. It is therefore of the utmost importance that we bring the Gospel to as many as possible, that they might avoid the latter and obtain the former. heaven, hell, evangelism

Do Not Be Conformed to This World

Romans 12:2 If we are to know clearly what the will of God is, in order that we might give to Him a pleasing sacrifice, we must separate ourselves from the world’s influences and conform our thinking to His Word.

My Soul Shall Boast in the Lord

Psalm 34:1-7 Our hearts should continually be lifting praise to God for His wonderful mercies which He daily gives us. God’s daily preservation; praise to God

Devote Yourselves to God

Romans 12:1 The only thing which you can reasonably give to the Lord in thankfulness for your salvation is your whole life as a continual offering of divine service. urgency; God’s mercies; devotedness to God