Characteristics of God's Servants (Page 2)

A Sincere Believer

John 1:47 If we are to be useful to the Lord, we must be sincere and genuine. We consider two things: *How we can know that we’re sincere. *Why we should strive for sincerity.

He Gives Grace to the Humble

James 4:6 As we reflect on the kind of people that God can use, we examine several Biblical tests that help us to assess the degree of our humility.

Blessed Are You Who Weep

Luke 6:21 One of the blessings of the New Covenant is that our hearts are softened. A result thereof being that we become more sensitive to our sins: specifically, we mourn over them to the point of repentance.

Faithful Servants

John 12:24-26 If we are to be the kind of people the Lord can use, we must become what we pledged to the Lord we would be when we first received Christ and His salvation – we must become His servants.

A Life of Faith

Romans 1:16-17 We consider a second characteristic or attribute that we as believers should be striving to put on: faith. Without faith, we have no spiritual life, no spiritual strength, and we will never serve the Lord as we should.

The Knowledgeable Christian

Colossians 1:9-10 This time we consider that Christians should be knowledgeable – but not possessing the head knowledge that anyone in the world may have. Rather, believers may possess and grow in a spiritual heart knowledge.