Sermons from 2007

Grace to You, and Peace

Colossians 1:1-2 The opening statement by Paul of the book of Colossians contains much more than may appear at first sight. We consider the author who introduces himself to us and the recipients he is addressing before reflecting on the twin blessings he desires for them

A Prosperous New Year!

Joshua 1:1-9 With the New Year approaching rapidly, we consider the parallels between God’s interaction with the Israelites under Joshua and our own Church situation today. We are also commanded to fight against the enemies of God

Repentance – WCF Chapter 15, Part 1

We begin to evaluate chapter 15 of the Westminster Confession of Faith by answering the following questions about repentance: *What are the grounds of repentance? *What is the essence of true repentance? *Who is capable of true repentance

You Shall Call His Name Jesus

Matthew 1:21 As we approach the time of year when we remember Jesus’ birth, we consider 3 points regarding Him and His name: * The meaning of the name, ‘Jesus’ * Why He is called by that name * How He accomplished the mission implicit in His name

The Fall and Rise of a Backslider

Judges 16 Tonight we look into Samson’s backsliding. Samson had been an experienced leader of Israel for 20 years, but even the most experienced Christian can backslide. But Samson learned that he had far too much self-confidence. God was very patient with Samson

Samson’s Hard Lesson

Judges 14-15 Today we look into Samson’s fight with the Philistines and the way that the Lord used him to begin setting his people free. Samson begins to learn the hard lesson that all of us need to remember; we cannot be of the world and minister to it.

Jephthah’s Vow

Judges 11 We see Jephthah not as many have portrayed him: a reckless, worthless brigand. Rather, in this passage we see evidence that he was a man concerned to fight the Lord’s battles, who did not bear grudges, who was concerned to avoid warfare and casualties

Gideon’s Fleece

Judges 6 and 7 Last week we saw how God called Gideon to liberate the Israelites from the Midianite oppression. This week we see the execution of this call.

Sanctification – WCF Chapter 13, Part 3

We see that because sanctification, or the work of reversing the effects of sin, will always be incomplete in this life, believers can be tempted to worry that they are not Christians on the one hand, or become careless and complacent on the other. There