Genesis (Page 3)

The Preservation of the Promised Seed

Genesis 24 Looking at the account of how a wife is found for Isaac, we gain useful insights into the purpose of marriage and into the qualities a man should look for in a potential wife and the qualities a woman should cultivate that will be attractive to a godly ma

The Death of Sarah

Genesis 23 Abraham faces the death of his wife of many years. We consider the fact of our death – that we must all face the death of loved ones in this world and ultimately face death for ourselves. We see how the hope of a believer is a great comfort both for the d

The Promise Fulfilled

Genesis 21 Isaac, the child of promise, is born miraculously to parents who were too old to have children. We see in the birth of Isaac a picture of the birth of Jesus – also a miraculous conception. Later, Isaac is persecuted by Ishmael and in this we also see Chr

Abraham’s Failure, God’s Faithfulness

Genesis 20 In Philistia to find pasture for his flocks, Abraham, instead of fully trusting in God’s promise, allows king Abimelech to believe Sarah is his sister, not his wife. God remains faithful, however, and does not allow harm to come to Sarah. We must not loo

The Righteous Judgment of God

Genesis 19 This evening we look at God’s judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah. We see how this is a picture of God’s future judgment on the whole world. We also see how the way God saves Lot from the destruction of Sodom is a picture of the way He will deliver His people

Abraham’s Prayer for the Righteous

Genesis 18:16-33 We see Abraham taken into God’s confidence concerning His plans for Sodom and Gomorrah and consider the reasons God gives for this. Next we look at Abraham’s amazing intercession for Sodom and realize that Lot was probably the main subject of the prayer.

Is Anything Too Difficult for The Lord?

Genesis 18:1-15 God appears to Abraham one day and renews the remarkable promise of the birth of a son to him and Sarah. We see the hospitality of Abraham to these strangers and are challenged to do the same ourselves, remembering that whatever we do to the least of Chr

The Covenant of Circumcision

Genesis 17 God gave Abraham the sign of circumcision in the Old Testament just as He gave the sign of baptism in the New Testament that they might serve as symbols to His people of the inward change that was to take place in their hearts.

The Child of the Flesh

Genesis 16 Abram and Sarai know that God’s will is to build a multitude out of Abram but it’s 10 years since the promise was given and there is no sign of a son. So they take matters into their own hands and Hagar is given to Abram to see if the son will come throug

How May I Know I Shall Have It?

Genesis 15 We see Abram asking God how he could know that he would possess the land. God gives Abram a gracious assurance, entering into a covenant with him when the very nature of God should have been enough. In that covenant, we see Christ again prefigured. We ar

Abram Believed God

Genesis 15:1-6 In this, a most important text in Scripture, we see the principle on which Abram received his salvation – faith alone. We explore the text and its circumstances and draw out useful lessons for our Christian lives. Once again, we see the amazing grace of o

God Confirms His Covenant with Abram

Genesis 14 We see Abram and his allies helped by God to defeat the forces that had plundered Sodom and a number of other cities and rescue his nephew, Lot. Then Melchizedek comes with bread and wine, blesses Abram and receives a tithe from him. We see in these even